Is this a virus?

  effingpot 21:22 18 Feb 07

Hi - I have received about 2000 emails today - all to non existent (and different) email addresses at my domain (I have a catch-all address) and all from email addresses I've never heard of; saying my email has bounced for various reasons - generally non existent email address.

I get the ocassional one of these but not normally in their thousands - that started on Friday.

My PC has not been on, the other two people who use emails on my domain have run clean virus scans. There are a couple of other people who have email addresses on my domain - is it likely to be them or a random person who has received one from my domain?

Any suggestions welcome

  sean-278262 21:29 18 Feb 07

Sounds more like an attempt to spam the domain. There are programs that allow a computer to email 100s of addresses by only providing it with the domain part and it fill in the rest with either progressive characters a b c aa ab etc. or a list of common names [email protected] and the like. Check to see what some of the emails are. You may be able to find the culprit.

  effingpot 16:29 25 Feb 07

And as suddenly as they started .... they stopped.

  p;3 16:40 25 Feb 07

who turned off the tap?

  effingpot 17:23 25 Feb 07

No idea.

  effingpot 17:23 25 Feb 07

I can only guess someone had an infection that has been healed.

  p;3 21:08 25 Feb 07

does 'ghostbusters' spring to mind?

someone cloobbered it !!

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