potfrog2 23:20 04 Mar 06

can anyone please help me ?. i have a really bad virus on my computer.its infected the file ststem32/rdriv.sys and the irus is called ntrootkit-j i have mcafee antivirus running but that just keeps popin up with the message virus found and cleaned?any help will reatly appeciated ty.

  johnnyrocker 23:25 04 Mar 06

you dont give much to go on but i suggest you d/load stinger via google search to a floppy and run that,
if xp you need to disable system restore and run mc afee again.
try to supply more info pls.


  beynac 23:27 04 Mar 06

Go to click here and follow the instructions given.

  potfrog2 23:28 04 Mar 06

ive disabled restore. but still the same.i also keep getting this message (272)debugger detectedplease disable and restart the application.

  beynac 23:30 04 Mar 06

Do not disable System Restore - if you do, you will remov all previous restore points.

  beynac 23:31 04 Mar 06

Too late!

  beynac 23:38 04 Mar 06

Why did you recommend that potfrog2 disables System Restore? This removes any chance he/she has of restoring the system if he/she can't clean it.

  lotvic 23:51 04 Mar 06

maybe this is why click here

""Stinger found a virus that it couldn't repair. Why is this?

* This is most likely due to Windows System Restore functionality having a lock on the infected file. WindowsME/XP users should disable system restore prior to scanning. ""

  beynac 23:54 04 Mar 06

If you disable System Restore you remove both good and bad restore points. This advice is wrong! You clean the computer first and then disable System Restore to clear the bad restore points.

  potfrog2 23:59 04 Mar 06

i disabled restore because i had a simalar virus a while ago it kept coming up with a virus warning until i unchecked inthe process of running a trojan check at the moment its come up with 1 so far.

  lotvic 00:00 05 Mar 06

Yup! that would make sense

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