Virus ?

  Les 12:18 12 Jul 05

My neighbour gets an alert from AVG that a virus Collection 5 has been found on his computer - anyone know if this really is a virus for there are no visible signs of anything untoward with his computer otherwise. He puts it in the vault but it keeos returning - presumably being reinstalled from a cache?

  uisquebeathus 14:10 12 Jul 05

is the virus in "collection 5" as there is no virus of that name listed.

  andrew-196854 14:14 12 Jul 05

having put the name of the virus in here click here it did not show up Collection 5 ? so i guess not ? hope this helps

  wee eddie 14:17 12 Jul 05

It has been known for suppliers of Security Programs, looking to gain your business, to place a file on your PC during the download of their Testing Software.

The software then picks up this file which has not been found by your previous Security program!

p.s. I am not unduly paranoid!!!!!!!!!!!! just a mite cynical.

  Les 15:29 12 Jul 05

Hale Fellow Cynic. It would be possible I suppose but I installed the original downloaded file used by myself - I haven't (fingers (and everything else!)crossed)seen it on mine. Although his desk computer is a little strange sometimes - ie:- he has a program which, when loaded, complains that it needs DCOM to run it, (he has Windows XP Pro) - the same program runs OK on mine. I downloaded a Decombulator program which, on mine, switched it on and off - it did as it was supposed to. On his itg had no effect whatever - the program complained either way - however the program does run perfectly! The same program on his laptop (also XP Pro) does not complain about the lack of DCOM.

Ar some time or other, when I have chance I'll deliberately run an ACG full scan on his desktop to see if it will bring up this virus - IF it does then, after switching System Restore off and rebooting into safe mode and the run the AVG check again, put the virus in the vault and then delete the vault. This worked before when he had a very persistant virus.


Next time I see him I'll have a look for a file of that name - it's possible!


I tried it with Collection 5L too - asd as you say no trace of it

Personally, I believe that it is not a virus but something which, to AVG, resembles one He has spyware programs (Spybot and Adaware) neither report it

Thanks to all of you.

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