Virtual Switchboard ?

  Danaya 24 Apr 11

Hi, I have come across with this term "Virtual switchboard", and I don't quite understand how it works. We don't have yet the physical central office, the business phone lines and meanwhile I was searching for the number that can connect me and my partners with whom we are starting our own business. We didn't want to give our home number, so somebody gave us a tip that such thing exists. As I understand it kind of redirects all the calls to my mobile, but I don't understand how it really works. Any tips?

  ajm 24 Apr 11

Hi Danaya

As someone who is in a similar situation, I am using a virtual office service from This is a PAYG service whereby they can give you a local number or you can buy your own number. Whichever number you use on web-site, business cards, etc, It will get re-directed to and they take a message on behalf of you or will divert a call to your or anyone's mobile depending on the setup.

I have found them to be extremely professional and very helpful and so far this this PAYG service works great for me. They provided me with a 0207 number anyone calling this number can leave a message for me which is then emailed and texted to my mobile and then I can act accordingly.

They also have a JAM service and PURE JAM service. Have a look here

  ajm 24 Apr 11

I forgot to add that I also took out a 0845 number from 08Direct initially which re-directs any calls to your mobile or landline. They also offer a "call whispering" service which allows you to know that the call is coming from the 0845 number before it is answered so you can answer in your company name

This number is now re-directed to who then send me an email and sms with the message

  wee eddie 06 May 11

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