Virtual Router for PC

  MichaelF 13:34 07 Nov 07

I have had my PC for a couple of years and have nevered bothered with the wireless facilities but I have now bought a "Soundbridge Homemusic" wireless player that i want to set up.
The PC has a 802.11g 54 meg pci wifi wireless system. Network connections show it as "not connected".
How do I connect it?
I have lost all the instruction manuals if I ever had them. The only bit of hardware I seem to have is a small antenna that I have plugged into the appropriate connector at the back.
Windows tells me to make certain the wifi switch is on.Where is that?
The PC is supposed to act as a virtual router, how do I set that up?
I am running Windows XP, service pack 2. A Pentium 4 cpu running at 3.4ghz with 1.00 gb of ram.

Help please


  mgmcc 14:20 07 Nov 07

<<<< Network connections show it as "not connected". >>>>

This is simply indicating that the Wireless Network Adapter isn't connected to a wireless network or other wireless device. Use the adapter's software to scan for "Available Wireless Networks", select the one you want to connect to and click the Connect button.

I don't know what a "Soundbridge Homemusic" wireless player is, but you may have to set up an "Ad Hoc" wireless network between it and the PC. This is a network in which the two devices communicate directly, rather than via a Wireless Access Point as is the case when using a Router.

  woodchip 14:25 07 Nov 07

You need a Wireless Router modem. You cannot get use a Virtual, They do not exist

  MichaelF 13:14 08 Nov 07

Thanks fro the suggestions. I have managed to find the manual on the internet so I will try and find out what to do from there.

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