Virtual PC

  mike1967 09:24 10 Apr 07

Does anyone one run this program, and then surf and download using it, because surely this would be a much safer option and negate the need to run antivirus software as any nasties you may download would be left in the virtual side and disappear when you close down the program.

Anyone using it?

  Diemmess 10:00 10 Apr 07

Interesting thoughts, but a quick look in Google seems to tell me it is for Vista buffs?

HyperOs has been flogging the idea, using large amounts of RAM with their software going back to Windows 98SE. They called it Hyperdrive.
It was also a time when malware thrived and the idea of booting into a system using RAM instead of HD, which erased everything on shutdown was fine say for Internet only.
It was unrealistic when OSs and applications soon involved several Gb at any time.

HyperOs is still selling seriously expensive hardware where the effect is the same because the hardware (as I understand it) is bristling with lost of DDRAM and is used as a "virtual HD."

Me? .... I have paid lots too much money over several HOs upgrades, to have a multi-booting system which behaves like a smoother version of Acronis or Ghost.

  uesquebeathus 15:35 10 Apr 07

many IT companies use a form of Virtual PC to run remote repairs and update systems, I have used VMWARE without any adverse problems, using different operating systems and software in the Virtual PC window, as long as the computer has enough memory and hard drive space its reliable and when closed the bugs go as well.
there are free basic versions from microsoft, which can be updated after trialling, to the full version eventually.
click here

or another product from VMWARE
click here

  Diemmess 16:04 10 Apr 07

Thanks for your info - instead of my surmise, though your first link was the one I had seen!

  powerless 16:46 10 Apr 07

MS VPC 07 is now free.

VMWARE also do a free one: click here

...and then there is click here

  mattyc_92 17:12 10 Apr 07

I personally use Virtual PC for testing new tweaks and software in an 'emulated' machine.
I would never remove my Anti-Virus and FireWall from my PC, even if I use the Virtual Machine to browse the internet.
Just because it's a 'virtual pc' doesn't mean that the hackers can't get you WAN IP address. Once they have that, you may attempt to hack into your PC and without a Firewall they will probably succeed.

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