Virtual Online Drive - is there a solution?

  wizwilson 22 Jan 13

I'm sick and tired of corrupt memory sticks and external drives leading to lost data.

I use my own laptop for personal and business use, while me wife uses two laptops for both business and personal.

What I'm trying to find is an online virtual drive that will appear in 'My Computer' as any other drive would and will allow direct access of the files within it (ie, not through a web browser). I also want to be able to batch the contents so that if I want to delete a folder, I don't have to individually delete the 100 files within it first! I also want all three laptops to be able to access the same drive.

The other issue is that my laptop has a measly 50GB harddrive, so I need to be able to access the contents of the virtual drive without it trying to sync the contents to my laptop and overloading the drive here.

The closest thing I've found up to now appears to be Livedrive, but it doesn't allow batch processing of files and relies on a web browser.

Am I asking too much? Am I barking up the wrong tree and there is a completely different that I should put in place?


  Forum Editor 22 Jan 13

Take a look at this It's used by huge numbers of both business and personal users, and it works perfectly - I use it myself.

I also use this which works just as well.

  wizwilson 22 Jan 13

But my understanding of dropbox is that it syncs its folder to each pc and I am therefore limited by the size of my laptop's harddrive.

  wizwilson 22 Jan 13

Also, still running XP on my old faithful laptop so can't use MS Skydrive and unwilling to pay $50 per month to dropbox.

  Peter 22 Jan 13


If you think you need to pay $50 per month for the service you require on Dropbox that would indicate you want up to 500 Gig of storage. Unless you have a very fast internet connection, both upload and download, you will be looking at quite a slow service.

Most internet connection speeds are asymmetrical with the upload speed being about a tenth to a fifth of the download speed. Uploading your initial batch of data could take a very long time.


  Forum Editor 22 Jan 13
  wizwilson 24 Jan 13

Just in case anyone else is looking into this, I went with Google Drive in the end as it can be used as a repository rather than a mirror and came in at a reasonable price.



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