Virtual Memory

  tony-guitar 21:24 10 Jul 05

Just lately i've been getting ever more frequently a pop-up menu stating that i'm "low on virtual memory". What does it actually mean, and would adding more RAM help. I currently have the original 256mb card installed. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers

  VoG II 21:31 10 Jul 05

Virtual Memory is the space reserved on your hard drive as a paging file.

Start, Control Panel, System, Advanced tab. Settings button in Performance, Advanced tab, Change button. What does it say is currently allocated?

  tony-guitar 21:55 10 Jul 05

Hi VoG, thanks for response.Here goes: Paging file drive C, custom size= initial size 384MB (max 768MB) Total paging file all drives= min allowed 2MB, recommended 382MB, currently allocated 409MB. Does this help?

  gudgulf 23:14 10 Jul 05

I would change the setting to System Managed and so let Windows take as much as it needs in the short term.Long term you are correct that adding some more RAM will will reduce the need for Windows to access the virtual memory and having more of your running processes in RAM will give your pc a noticable speed boost.You could also go to Start>Run , type msconfig and select the start up tab to see if there are any programs that start with Windows that don't need to in order to free up some RAM

The reason this is happening is that you have either a large number of processes running and/or programs that are memory intensive......running a fixed maximum virtual memory size means that you are running out of total memory for Windows to use.Hence the warnings.Windows gets quite stroppy about things like that and complains a lot!

  tony-guitar 15:40 11 Jul 05

Thanks guys. To VoG who asked for numbers: Total paging file for all drives = 384MB (yesterday it was 409MB) Recommended 382MB, Max 768MB. Do you think i should increase something to give more headroom, if its possible that is?

  TomJerry 16:00 11 Jul 05

get extra 256MB RAM to gain performance, it is THE best value for money upgrade you can do. It will costs around £15

  tony-guitar 17:21 11 Jul 05

Hi TomGerry, i actually still have over 65GB availabe on my hard drive

  tony-guitar 17:23 11 Jul 05

Sorry for misspelling your name TomJerry

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