virtual haircut

  mothercranky 11:16 19 May 07

i amtrying to persuade my 7 year old daughter to have her extremely long hair cut shorter but shes not buying it!so am looking for a "virtual haircut" program so she can see how nice it will look before havin it done! i have found a few by searching, but when you get to the upload photo bit they ask for payment. i have tried limewire..every one i downloaded said it had a virus!
anyone know where i can get one for free?

  p;3 11:35 19 May 07

click here is this of any help? you are well advised to stay away from limewire etc as it can give you more problems that you wish to have::))

  mothercranky 13:47 19 May 07 only looks about perfect! thank you :o)

  p;3 17:59 19 May 07

seems as if my dive down the haircut alley worked?

  mothercranky 23:29 19 May 07

well.....i thought so until i tried to put my own photo on then fell at the 1st hurdle cos i couldnt find the browse button! so still searchin!

  ArrGee 23:37 19 May 07

As a baldy, perhaps you could persuade her to just try it out. It'll only grow back!

If you go down the route of using any program to forecast a hair-do, the results will always be very different to the actual real-life results. Especially to a 7 year old!

  jay.p 23:45 19 May 07

continue to the next page and it is in the middle.

  jay.p 23:50 19 May 07

should have said after you click, click here to launch virtual hairstyle

  mothercranky 11:37 20 May 07

haha i realise the pitfalls of this but anyone who has tried to get a brush through a birds nest every day will understand my desperation!!

  mothercranky 11:42 20 May 07

nope. browse aint there. how can i take a pic of the screen i get to show you?

  missingit 12:11 20 May 07

Click p;3's link.
Click on; click here to launch virtual hairstyle.
Center of page; Use your own image,click on browse.
Hope this helps.

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