Virgin (so called) "superhub" issues

  danpep5552 26 Oct 12

I upgraded to 30mb with virgin and have of course now encountered “issues” with the superhub. Yes the internet is faster, but the signal around the house is not as good as my 10 year old Belkin. The main problem I have is that whenever I put the PC into hibernate, sleep, or turn off, my other devices lose the signal (BB, IPad, Iphone Samsung Gal,especailly the BB and this is only 12 feet away). This is solved if I reboot the Virgin hub even with the Pc in standby or off. This happens on a daily basis. What has the pc got to do with the hub when it comes to the signal around the house? I will probably use an additional router but has anybody else had the same issue? Thanks DP.

  Woolwell 26 Oct 12

It seems to be a problem with the Superhub. There are over 400 posts about it virginmedia community. Wish you well!

  danpep5552 26 Oct 12

Thanks I telephoned them and predictably I have had to reset the hub, wait a few days to see if all OK then call them again and they will replace.

  Woolwell 26 Oct 12

Jock1E - I posted a link to their forum and the thread that discusses this.

This is a known problem and it would appear that ultimately a firmware upgrade is required and you can sign up to receive the upgrades. There are work rounds suggested in the link. The main one is to use the superhub (called superdud frequently) as the modem with another router connected to it.

danpep5552 - I suggest you refer Virgin to that forum thread.


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