Virgin router or other?

  snowy30 14:42 26 Feb 09

Should I buy a wireless router from Virgin, or will I be better off with a router of another make?

I enquired about the cost of their router earlier today and they said it would cost £40 for one of their routers and an extra £20 for the dongle as my laptop is not fitted with a wireless facility.

I enquired because somebody said the router is free or something...........?

  bremner 15:03 26 Feb 09

click here and you can see a free router comes with each package. That may be only for new customers as I have been with them for donkeys years on 20Mb and never been offered a free router.

  mgmcc 17:27 26 Feb 09

You don't say if you have Virgin's *CABLE* service or their *ADSL* service but, assuming Cable, you should be able to pick up a wireless "Cable/DSL" router and USB WiFi adapter for much less than £60!

For example, at PC World, this D-Link bundle click here= for £40.

  birdface 17:55 26 Feb 09

Only new customers get it free.How old is your laptop.maybe if you give the make and model someone will be able to give you better information.

  Strawballs 01:26 27 Feb 09
  snowy30 14:45 27 Feb 09

I can't remember how old the laptop is but it's quite basic. I bought it second hand off somebody in the family.

  snowy30 14:47 27 Feb 09

I'm on a 2MB broadband service with Virgin using an external NTL modem.

  Higher88 15:53 27 Feb 09

I can highly recommend the virgin wireless router it is super fast and a doddle to set up. I upgraded from the 2mb to 10mb service for an extra £7 a month and the router comes free. The wireless dongle is limited to about 2mb but if you are only on 2mb service probably won't matter.

  Dipso 00:59 28 Feb 09

Are you aware that your 2MB service is shortly (May) to be upgraded to 10MB free of charge?

I bought an "ex-Virgin" wireless router off Ebay for my folks recently for £15 plus p&p, some of them are brand new, worth checking out.

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