Virgin Net 24/7

  Proxy Worm 17:21 20 Oct 03

i have updated the new virgine- i was just wandering if you also have have updated what is your number? as mine used to connect at 40+ but instead after the update it stays below 35?!?!
So please could you indicate your new numbers .

thanks in advance

  Proxy Worm 15:46 21 Oct 03

Now the intrnet only works after 3 attempts to connect!

  Doogie Howser 16:41 21 Oct 03

I updated the number last week using the link that was e-mailed to us. The 'new' updated number is 0808 9933069 - only this is exactly the same number I've been using since we failed with broadband at the beginning of the year! I tried to e-mail virgin but it was rejcected - server over quota or something like that. Connection seems a bit better the last few weeks - I did replace the modem so maybe that was the problem after all.

  ardvarc 18:41 21 Oct 03

My old number is Doogie Howser's 'new number' that Virgin said was phasing out!!. My new number is 08089933070. I phoned 0845 6501000 to confirm this and to change my email address.

  Proxy Worm 19:57 21 Oct 03

but the thing is that my new number is 08089909030 but the thing is it always works after 2 connection attempts.
How do you contact virgin anyway??

  Doogie Howser 22:22 21 Oct 03

It pretty much always works first time now. It wasn't up until about a month ago and it was regularly dropping the connection. However I have had to replace the motherboard and I bought a new modem because the old one made some fairly dodgy noises so I guess this was a large part of the problem. As for the number I did try updating twice because I thought it rather strange that the new number was the same as the old one. I think I'll give virgin a call! You can contact Virgin by e-mail or phone - the details are on their website (somewhere) click here.

  Proxy Worm 18:01 22 Oct 03

thanks, any other ideas why they have three update numbers???

  Brazils 11:10 25 Oct 03

I had 08089909030 and this number was useless.

Now use 08089933070 and my connection is much better.

Virgin support say it's OK to use either number, but have so far offered no explaination why their service has gone rapidly downhill.

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