Virgin Media email

  Legolas 18:17 27 Feb 08

Anybody else having trouble downloading their emails from Virgin Media? I tried to access the website to check on the email server status but I can't access the customer zone of the Virgin Media website. I can access the Internet OK.

  User-1235809 18:28 27 Feb 08

looks like the website might be down, I can't get in either

  Legolas 18:31 27 Feb 08

Do you get your emails via Virgin Media? if so can you access them?

  User-1235809 18:32 27 Feb 08

back again now

  User-1235809 18:34 27 Feb 08

Sorry, cross posted, I download them via thunderbird normally but have just got them from the VM site

  bjh 18:40 27 Feb 08

Virgin Media site has been having problems all day - multiple refreshes needed between 1 and 3pm

Their service really has been getting appalling recently - and to think I recommended them on this very forum.

Folks: I apologise if you adopted Virgin Broadband on my recommendation. ;-)

  Legolas 18:43 27 Feb 08

Thanks for your replies. I can now access the site and my emails are now d/loading normally

I would hate to miss my daily dose of spam :) A temporary blip it seems. Panic over.

  Legolas 18:45 27 Feb 08

I find Virgin Media normally ok, though on Monday I couldn't access the Internet at all, I was blaming my modem, looks like it could have been Virgin Media that was down.

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