Virgin Media 2mb - slow?

  Fraser257 17:41 11 Dec 07

I have a Virgin Media 2MB Cable internet connection. When I'm downloading a file, the speed will hit about 280kbps tops, and sometimes drops to under 160kbps and stays there. The connection is fine for browsing the internet, but for downloading it can be a real pain. I don't know if this is normal, any ideas?


  octal 17:52 11 Dec 07

It could be the site you're downloading from, sometimes mine drops to 30kbps and I'm on 4MB!

I regularly download from an American site, if I try in the evening the speed is usually about 80kbps, but in the morning it's normally around 480kbps when all the Americans are tucked up in bed.

  Why wont it work 19:19 11 Dec 07

Are you remembering to take into account that the 2mb broadband is actually 2 megabits, so when we divide that by 8 to get it into megabites we arrive at a theoretical maximum download speed of of 250kb/s?

I would expect around 160kb/s to be honest, I don't think that's too slow for a 2mb line. We only get downloads of 800kb/s- 1.1mb/s on our 20mb line.

  Fraser257 19:32 11 Dec 07

Ahh.. I didn't know bits divided by 8 equaled bytes. That answers my question them, guess I was getting confused with the bits and bytes, I'll know in the future :)


  bluesbrother 23:08 11 Dec 07

Virgin have a habit of putting the brakes on your speed if you download more than 600 to 700 Mb per day. So your speed would drop, in my case to about 150kbps

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