Virgin Broadband and my new laptop.

  scaryfaerie 13:54 07 Apr 08

Hey everyone

I have just recently purchased a new laptop with Vista Home and an ethernet card installed.

I am trying to install the virgin cd but it says i havent an ethernet card, which i remember having trouble with it not working before and they had to send me to some strange website to install the program.

I now have a horrible feeling virgin wont let me run my modem on two computers as it saves the mac address!?! There is no need for me to have a router as only I use both computers and im not gonna be on both at the same time.

Anyone know how to get around any of these problems would be a great help

Claire =0)

  Ditch999 14:01 07 Apr 08

There is a difference from a modem and an ethernet port in your laptop. The modem port is square, the ethernet port is rectangular. You might find that you have a modem which is a dial up type, not BB/Cable. And no you cant use 2 modems at the same time AFAIK.

  scaryfaerie 14:12 07 Apr 08

I have brought up the device manager for Networking and it says I have a sis191 ethernet controller, so there is one there!

Also I dont want to use 2 modems, but 2 computers, not at the same time.

  Ditch999 14:17 07 Apr 08

In device manager are there any yellow or red exclamation marks against the Ethernet controller and is it enabled?
I take it you plug your modem into the ethernet port. In that case there is no reason that it should not work. (Apart from the fact that is isn't!)

  Ditch999 14:25 07 Apr 08

Someone else with your problem. click here
Faulty ethernet port in the modem. How do you connect the other pC, USB or Ethernet?

  scaryfaerie 15:00 07 Apr 08

thanks ditch for digging some dirt up for me :)

well after ringing up virgin, and the it helpdesk for where i purchased my computer i realised i was getting nowhere as neither companies even knew what a laptop was!! :P

SO i turned the modem on and off again, plugged it in, and hey presto!!!

Funny how neither of the big companies I rang would even think or suggest the obvious.

Makes me think of the IT crowd haha

Thanks anyways :)

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