ViPower Smart Family kit

  Spark6 15:57 31 Dec 03

Does anyone have any experience with the ViPower portable HDD enclosures and the associated ViPower USB2.0 Smart cable.

I recently purchased a 3.5" HDD enclosure and cable from Dabs, both had an identical 'Drivers and Utility Installation' disc, but I am unable to load the drivers.

I have tried to get the necessary information from both the suppliers and the manufacturers to no avail to date.

My system is 98SE and the USB2.0 operates my printer and camera OK.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

  Spark6 19:02 31 Dec 03


  Spark6 19:27 01 Jan 04

Another bump. Hoping someone will spot it who can help.

  NotsoNewuser 22:32 01 Jan 04

I bought one of these the other day at a comp.fair and installed it ok, also using 98SE.
What I did find from the ViPower web site is that there is a little sticker on the USB cable plug which states which version driver you should use. The discs have a number of versions on them. Mine is AT2.
Once I sussed that there was no problem.

  woodchip 22:37 01 Jan 04

Your printer may be a USB 2 working on Win98 at USB1.1 unless you put a USB 2 PCI card in the comp if you did not then it is working at the slower speed. Your Drive will not work as Win98 does not support USB 2 unless you have specific USB 2 Drivers that state that it's for Win98

  Spark6 10:27 02 Jan 04

NotsoNewuser: I too noticed the USB2.0 sticker note on the ViPower site, my problem with that is there is no sticker on the cable I bought. This is one observation I shall be making to ViPower.

Woodchip: I have a USB2.00 card fitted. Camera and printer A OK.

My thanks to you both for your responses, much appreciated.

This morning I received e-mail from ViPower, sent at 05.51hrs, containing USB2.00 driver. Will let you know how I get on.

  Spark6 14:03 05 Jan 04

USB2.0 driver for Win.98.RAR received from ViPower on Friday saved to floppy but not recognised by my system.

Have e-mailed them again, giving them the serial numbers of the enclosure and the cable, and requesting more detailed information regarding the loading and identification of the necessary software.

Still not a happy Dabs customer!

  woodchip 19:01 05 Jan 04

I think if you had WinXP it would work but I am 98se and no intention of changing unless some one gives me it to try. I have too much 98 software etc.

  Spark6 19:38 05 Jan 04

Woodchip: Likewise! I'm still hoping for a response from ViPower in Taiwan.
What's your Chinese like?

  Spark6 15:55 11 Jan 04

No further response from ViPower.

I'm beginning to think I've wasted my money unless someone out there can help.

Thanks in anticipation.

  woodchip 18:47 11 Jan 04

Your......... ViPower portable HDD enclosures and the associated ViPower USB2.0 Smart cable. Will not work unless you get a PCI USB2 Card with USB2 DRIVERS

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