Views on Windows XP

  Russ100 21:44 12 Feb 03

I am about to lash out on a new PC and would very much appreciate comments on the reliability/stability/compatability of Windows XP as far as games are concerned.

I'm running Windows 2K Pro at the moment which suits me fine, and I've heard bad stories about XP not running some games.

All comments gratefully accepted.

  Lú-tzé 22:14 12 Feb 03

Why not dual boot? It will give the best of both worlds then and save your bacon if one OS is crippled by something you do. Even set up an OS for gameplay only - I have done that with 98SE for grahics work (photoshop and video editing) and all the excess stuff is removed.

I don't use XP - but am very happy with Win2k. For stability, it seems that XP is excellent, but I don't know about gameplay.

  Qmar 00:51 13 Feb 03

..just curious..dont most 'new' pc's have XP installed?

  Phil930 01:55 13 Feb 03

i've used XP Pro since it was launched.

not once has my pc crashed and every game i have ever tried to run operates perfectly. thats all the evidence i need, i am living proof of XP success.

Remember as well...........7 people are told about a persons bad experience, whereas only 2 are told about a persons good experience!!

Therefore all we ever hear is the bad side of XP. well, results speak for themselves.

Unless you really have specific computing needs with software that will definately not operate on XP then i would recommmend XP with no doubts. it just doesn't get any better than XP at the moment.

Good Luck.......

  Megs 02:01 13 Feb 03

Agreed, I've been using xp pro for 16 months and never had a problem with a game, would recommend downloading a refresh rate fix though as 60hz sux.

  Lozzy 02:05 13 Feb 03


  Terrahawk 02:32 13 Feb 03

XP is a great O/S as for problems i have had none, stable functional and games compatible as for problems any massed produced product will leave a few users scratching their heads weve all heard about the brand new car that spends more time in the repair shop than on the road so dont be put off by the bad coments as they have said in posts above it is generally a good o/s

  Russ100 08:56 15 Feb 03

Many thanks for the comments.

Time to go and spend some dosh I think!


  professor 16:41 15 Feb 03

dont get XP ive had it i even got all the updates for it and it still had more bugs in it than a bug museum!!

it was slow(strange considering i run an 1800+& 256ram)
crashed all the time
never shutdown properly
always auto restarted after about an hour
auto exited programs all the time
and was generally a crap OS to have

my advice get win98se its great


  Paul2003 17:44 15 Feb 03

I have gone from Windows ME to Windows XP and its a breath of fresh air not having a major crash every 5-6 hours.

XP is rock solid stable, sure it has compatibility issues with older software as it cant run dos apps but lets face it who actualy needs a dos app today? If you do then you can dual boot XP/98SE.

Basicaly you wont regret getting XP so go for it ;-)


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  Ixora 21:26 15 Feb 03

Having started with a Sinclair ZX81, Spectrum etc then through Commodor, BBC Micro, Amstrads and then Windows 3.1 (Which I still use for a database), Win 95, Win 98SE and now Win XP Pro I can say that XP is the most stable.

I know several IT/Computer engineers that have tried XP and have gone back to 98se. Not because XP is no good but because as they say they can't find their way around XP as easily as 98se in a technical sense. As an operating system they all agree that XP is better.

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