Viewing someone's posts

  roygbiv 17:15 26 Mar 03

Please can someone tell me how to view posts from someone else. I know my mother in law has several posts and i would like to look at them all without going through the whole list (as some are quite old, now) I have her post name, but where do i go now?

  « Ravin » 17:17 26 Mar 03

enter her name in the search box....

  roygbiv 17:20 26 Mar 03

Thanks, but tried that, no joy.

  ER INDOORS 17:25 26 Mar 03

that I have been meaning to ask.I tried Search. No joy.

  €dstow 18:42 26 Mar 03

You have to have the right search criteria ticked and checked for it to work. I've just checked for my father's posts here and it worked fine.


  roygbiv 16:02 28 Mar 03

Sorry to be a pain, but do you mean i have to know the exact words of the post??. Is it possible for you to explain more??. Alan

  Eagie 16:19 28 Mar 03

Have you been using the search box which is always on the left hand side of the window? I tried searching for my threads this way (as an experiment) but it only brought up ones I had responded to not the ones I initiated.

Using the search form on either the title page of the helproom or consumerwatch and selecting the "search titles and all postings" yielded better results - though you have to search through the two forums seperately.

  « Ravin » 19:47 28 Mar 03

i just tried it and it doesn't seem to work like before.. used my name and while i have more than 15 pages in my postings only one or two pages in the search results

  roygbiv 17:01 01 Apr 03

I will try it once more, before i tick as answered.

  « Ravin » 17:06 01 Apr 03

try contacting the moderator .. ? and perhaps let us know if there is an answer :)

  roygbiv 17:19 01 Apr 03

I put in search ROYGBIV search titles and all posts 6 results
(perhaps it works for posts that have your name in the reply).

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