Viewing "rm.0x" files

  Ghloria 22:43 22 Feb 03

I have downloaded some files with the file extension "rm.0x" where x is
a number. Please can someone tell me how I view these files.

  eccomputers 23:52 22 Feb 03

where did you download them from? which site?

  beeuuem 00:14 23 Feb 03

Could they be Real player video files?

  MAJ 00:19 23 Feb 03

They look like realplayer files that either have to be joined together or played in sequence.

  leo49 00:24 23 Feb 03

The files to be joined theory looks faourite to me - try something like HJSplit to join them - that's one of the most popular utilities.


  powerless 00:26 23 Feb 03

How big are the files?

  Ghloria 01:28 23 Feb 03

Downloaded from a newsgroup.. They should be video files.. They are 1.4MB..


  MAJ 09:12 23 Feb 03

Yup it looks like they have to be re-joined, Ghloria. Find out which splitter was used, then rejoin them.

  Ghloria 10:09 23 Feb 03

The poster has now sent a joiner for the file.. Thanks to all responders..


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