viewing pc on tv ????

  worcesterman47 22:49 19 Aug 08

having read closely a previous thread on this subject..there is a lot of mention about a VGA connection...i have on my pc what i belive is the vga connection into monitor (ie a blue 15 pin socket)..there is also what looks the same on the tv ( ie blue 15 pin socket ) but try as i may i cannot get the pc one to fit into the tv one ( granted it is in a very difficuly place to get to and it may just take perseverence) but now having read the tv manual for connecting the pc to tv it states as follows " USE A D-SUB cable to connect the tv's PC input to the computers RGB output terminal " now, is a D-SUB cable totally different to a VGA cable?..there is no mention of D-SUB in diagram of tv settings .just a VGA, am i just having bad luck in trying to connect VGA cable from pc to VGA in tv...or am i in fact using wrong cable ? ( tv is a hitachi 32" lcd ( wall mounted...thats why it is so damn hard to connect cable ! :)...any help/advice be greatly appreciated

  andrew-196854 23:04 19 Aug 08

what is the model number of you hitachi tv

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 23:04 19 Aug 08

15 pin D sub cable fits into VGA socket
click here

  worcesterman47 23:09 19 Aug 08

model number of tv is ... 32LD8700 TU

  worcesterman47 23:15 19 Aug 08

fruit bat...just followed your link.....the connectors on the link have of seven & one of eight.....the the ones i have have 3 rows of 5 ..into pc monitor & into tv....but i just tried to connect them again...and it will NOT fit at all....there are no bends or kinks in any of the just seems that the one fitting does not fit..and i am at a loss

  andrew-196854 23:25 19 Aug 08

worcesterman is this your tv on this link click here if you go down the page you will see the connections

  worcesterman47 23:36 19 Aug 08

yep...thats my tv....and thats the connections...but where it says ..PC says on that description.. " Mini D-sub 15-pin x 1 (rear), (S)XGA " ... where as in my manual it just says use a D-SUB cable..nothing at all about mini D-SUB...could that be why my VGA cable does not fit tv?

  worcesterman47 00:05 20 Aug 08

ok, fault..the cable DOES fit into tv...after a major struggle it finally, would like to just say a big thanks for the quick responses and the help/advice...cheers once again everyone ( i am off to buy anew pair of glasses now :) !

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