Viewing Online Media + Streaming Ques

  TicTacToc 16:02 26 Oct 06

Hi all,
Am having the following problems at the moment that are really annoying:

1) Online streaming like the Channel 4 simulcast dont' work. I jsut get a blank window where the media should be playing. 2 weeks ago when trying to get it to work it opened correctly but crashed firefox. I must have done something since then to make it worse? How would it play the media? By what method?

Anything that might ave got uninstalled? I have installed the K-lite codec pack, and the same happens in all browsers I try - OPera, IE e.t.c

2) Firefox gets slow and laggy when I approach 30 open tabs. If I hadn't got 2gb of RAM and an AMD X2 dual core I would expect this, but even with no demanding processes running else where, clicking on a tab takes about 5s to open, and media from places like Youtube is stuttery. Firefox also seems to be using the whole of one of my cores when this happens. Is this normal?

THats all for the moment, but I think I had some other qs along the same genre that I can't quite think of now, but will add if I think of them.

Thanks very much for any help!

  TicTacToc 12:49 27 Oct 06

no one? :(

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