viewing flv files

  Damarc 09:40 AM 13 Mar 12

i've been given a download youtube file for use on a presentation but I can't open it with Windows media nor dell media centre. Do I need to download something to sort this out please?

  Miké 09:54 AM 13 Mar 12

Media player classic will do the job!

  Woolwell 09:58 AM 13 Mar 12
  Damarc 10:10 AM 13 Mar 12

Thanks, also as a side issue, how do you download a youtube clip? I can't find a download button on the screen even when I've signed in? This was the other alternative if the first option didn't work.

  Damarc 10:22 AM 13 Mar 12

Thanks again. VLC works, media player classic was too confusing to download :~( I ended up with software that I didn't want!

  rawprawn 10:24 AM 13 Mar 12

Real Player will not only play your clips but also download them with ease, and should you need to convert them to play on other devices it will also convert them.

  dangerusone 22:14 PM 13 Mar 12

Download Youtube videos I don't know how to post the link but I use this site to download Youtube, it's free.

  dangerusone 22:17 PM 13 Mar 12

Sorry about that, the link showed up. It was the first time I've posted one. It also lets you choose which format to downlad. FLV for instance, it's worth a look.


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