Viewing Files in 'Save As' windows

  BBW 06:21 11 Mar 05

Since carrying out some installations and un-installations on my computer. I now find that when I open windows to save or start files they are all in date order.
In Explorer I am able to change the view, but the other windows do not have this facility. Can anyone advise, as I have used and prefer Alpabetical order for many years.

  wiz-king 06:46 11 Mar 05

open folder, click on the 'name' title bar

  watchful 07:26 11 Mar 05

Go to View, Arrange icons by, and select Name.

  BBW 12:58 11 Mar 05

Many thanks for the prompt replies, but the answers refer to Windows Explorer. It's when I open programs, or save files, the windows are all in date order. They never used to be. This has affected all my programmes, and there is no 'view'or other options in these windows. Very strange.

  watchful 13:17 11 Mar 05

Do you have Windows XP? If so, perhaps a system restore would do it.
I don't quite understand what 'windows' you refer to? Is it in Word?
I have a tool bar on all my folder pages like My Docs, Pics. etc.

  watchful 13:19 11 Mar 05

Just a thought - perhaps the Toolbar has become 'hidden.'?

  VoG II 13:25 11 Mar 05

Don't you have a Views button in the SaveAs window?

  Chezdez 13:29 11 Mar 05

right click > arrange icons by > name

  bobbybowls 13:49 11 Mar 05

right click in save as then arrange by name

  BBW 16:33 11 Mar 05

Hi Guys, All my programmes have a:
File/Save As - feature which opens up a window of files in that programme.
e.g. Internet Explorerer; File/Save as.
Comes up with a window of files. All are in date order, but used to be in Alphabetical order. Scrolling down looking for files is driving me nuts. This particular window, in any programme does not have options for viewing.
I'll have to re-install 98SE I suppose.

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