viewing from computer to tv

  aicogirl 22 Aug 11

i have bought a vga monitor cable to transfer pictures from my pc to the tv, i followed instructions on tv manual ( sony bravia ) but when i get to pc it says no signal? is this because i have a digi box connected to the aerial? what am i doing wrong?

  BRYNIT 22 Aug 11

It has nothing to do with the Digi box.

When you have the cable connected and the TV on the correct channel you will need to activate the second monitor from your computer.

If you have win7 go to start/all programs/accessories and select connect to a projector from here you can duplicate or extend the screen.

Have a Look at this info from the Sony reference guide.Are you using the correct cable for your Bravia model ?

  aicogirl 24 Aug 11

Oldal, thank you for your advice, i am not computer minded, i am still not connected, i bought the cable which is a vga monitor cable hddb 15/mhddb15m: 10' sh. from Argos, the sales chap said this was what i needed to connect the computer to the tv, i attatched the cable to the tv and the pc,as shown on the Sony instructions, its from here i dont know what to do, i went through the tv remote through the AV channels until i got to the PC channel then it just shows (no signal) at the bottom of the tv. are they supposed to just connect automatic or should i be doing something?also should i have the tv and the pc on when i connect the cable? am i supposed to go through something on the tv menu? or on the computer? I hope you dont mind me asking. aicogirl

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 24 Aug 11

desktop or laptop?

Laptops have a key sequence to change to external monitor(TV) it usually Fn+ one of the F keys (the one with the blue square).

Desktops you need to right click an empty area of the desktop screen. select properties - settings - display select the 2 display.

  aicogirl 24 Aug 11

Its and Acer travel/mate 2410 which is 5 yrs old.


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