View your postings is disabled???

  Gaz W 23:53 30 Aug 05


I was just wondering if there's a reason why "View your postings" is disabled, or is it just my account? It's just that it's made it a bit difficult finding a thread of mine that's currently active!


  Gaz W 23:54 30 Aug 05

Oops - should have mentioned that this was really for the attention of the forum editor.

  Stuartli 23:56 30 Aug 05

Where have you been for the past few weeks?


click here

  Gaz W 00:01 31 Aug 05

Ahha that would explain it!

I've not been on here for a while but when I came back last week My Postings was still there and I was using it heavily so I apologise if I've caused any more problems with the site than necessary. I did notice pages weren't loading when I was using My Postings.

Anyway thanks for letting me know. I'd say I'll avoid it but it looks like I have no choice for the moment!


  Skills 02:50 31 Aug 05

As a workaround see click here

  Gaz W 03:05 31 Aug 05

OK thanks for that... it wasn't really too important; I just wondered what had happened to it more than anything. The emails for a new post always point you to the thread you're on anyway, so it's not as much of a problem as I'd thought.

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