View source HTML - internet explorer

  Superuser 13:59 12 Jan 04

I have always been able to view source html by right clicking on a web page, -very useful for web developers-, but this seems to have stopped and clicking 'view source' does nothing, have I switched off this facility somehow?

  stlucia 14:11 12 Jan 04

Can you still edit the source code by File/Edit using ... ?

  Sir Radfordin 14:17 12 Jan 04

Someone else I think recently solved this problem by deleting all their temp files.

Go to Tools/Internet Options from in IE and then delete files. Close IE and then go back in and see if that makes a difference.

  Superuser 14:39 12 Jan 04

StLucia, Thank for the response, yes I can still edit with 'File edit with' data is downloaded from the viewed web page. This is a useful solution and will help, thanks.

  furrina 13:36 03 Mar 04

I came in looking for a solution to the same problem. Deleting the temp internet files worked. Thank you!!

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