'view source'

  funky_cherry_berry 17:49 01 Mar 04

when on internet explorer, i right-click and select 'view source' but the wordpad document with the html does not appear.
Do you no why this is or how i can fix it?

  LeadingMNMs 18:00 01 Mar 04

Try this.

Go into Internet Options and go to the Programs Tab. From there ensure that wordpad is set as the default HTML editor.

  funky_cherry_berry 18:07 01 Mar 04

the only option is Notepad

  funky_cherry_berry 18:23 01 Mar 04

I really need to get that function back

  Simsy 18:50 01 Mar 04

but just to make it a little clearer, are you getting the HTML opening in "Notepad" instead, or are you not getting it at all?

Also, which version of Internet Explorer, and which Windows?

(This info may help someone else to answer.)

I'm intrigued, because I'd love to use Wordpad instead of Notepad as well!



  bvw in bristol 19:32 01 Mar 04

Try deleting your Temporary Internet Files.

  funky_cherry_berry 19:29 02 Mar 04

These do not work.
And the html box does not appear at all.

  Hax 19:54 02 Mar 04

I hate to say this but it looks like a reinstall of your OS!

No format or anything just put the cd in , clik setup and let it go.

  Hax 19:56 02 Mar 04

simsy -

If you're still following this thread I posted an answer to your query about wordpad as editor here

click here

  funky_cherry_berry 19:56 02 Mar 04

the what now?

  funky_cherry_berry 19:57 02 Mar 04

will that affect anything else?

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