View my site, please

  Graham. 13:52 01 Jun 08

click here

Apart from the Domain, I can use only free facilities, due to a shortage of funds.

I can't see how to get colour backgrounds to the pages at the moment.

  sean-278262 14:01 01 Jun 08

So far it looks very good. For some reason under firefox I get 2 donate buttons.

Have you considered click here for hosting needs. This will remove the need to mask the domain name allowing users to send the links to friends.

The only other issue I can see is that you might want to consider a default template for the re-homing page as it will make it look more professional. Similarly I would consider a vital stats on the For Adoption page and then link to a separate page so people can view photos in more detail and allow people to send to a friend, either by a link option or opening the users mail client.

Final note how about a successfully re-homed page and success stories pages?


  Graham. 14:31 01 Jun 08

I'm going to remove the Donate button, we never got any takers on the old site. It only works if you accept all cookies anyway.

I'll look at your other suggestions, but looking at photos in more detail? I take the photos, and it's not easy, they won't stay still!

'Now Homed' and Success stories are to be added.

  sean-278262 14:57 01 Jun 08

What I mean is offer a structure such as this

>for adoption

Then on the sub pages you can show the full size images. I do know how hard animals can be to take photographs of.

Your best bet would be to add the other pages ASAP and apply some sort of coming soon text. It gives site users the knowledge that there is more to come.

Also how about contacting other groups who rehome animals to set up a link share. Dog re-homing may get you further users coming through from an external source to want to consider cats, similarly you might be helping them in the same way. It also helps in terms of being found on Google etc.


  Graham. 15:09 01 Jun 08

Thanks, I will try out the Sub pages for Adoption.

Since it is a Charity, we are not allowed to link to other charities, apart from the RSPCA which has a Royal warrant.

  sean-278262 15:18 01 Jun 08

I did not know it was not allowed. Any chance you can hit me up with a link regarding this as I would be interested in reading about it if you know where some material on the topic is available.

Other than those points I cannot see any issues with your site.

  Graham. 15:35 01 Jun 08

It's only what I've been told, charities can't share resources.

  Graham. 10:21 06 Jun 08

Site now has more pages, further comments, please.

  playmofire 22:07 14 Jun 08

Why do you need colour backgrounds? Why not just have it as it is? It's clear, it's readable, it's familiar. What more could a webpage have?

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