View jpegs on a TV - Part 2

  algernonymous 15:16 10 Jun 07

(I'm starting a new thread on this as I'd ticked the previous one and didn't receive any replies to this further problem.)
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It worked on my DVD player but not on my parents' - which is the main reason I am doing this. It states in their manual it does accept jpeg cd's however some may need to be 'finalised'. I have heard of this term before but how do you do it? Also, does it mean that no more images can be added to the cd once it is done?

  Pineman100 17:55 10 Jun 07

I suspect that "finalised" may refer to the process of "closing" a recordable CD. Until this is done, the table of contents is not written to the CD, so an un-closed CD may be unreadable by the drive.

Most CD burning software will do this automatically, but it may be an option that you have to select in your software's options.

  skidzy 18:01 10 Jun 07

Quickest and easiest way is to use windows and just drag and drop the pictures to the cd.


Find your pictures (normally My Pictures) insert a cd-r and close any other windows that appears such as auto play etc.Then just right click the photo and sendto the cd drive.

Windows normally finalises the disc ready for use.Only using third party software normally has a open session or finalise option.

  LAP 18:05 10 Jun 07

I've found that if you right click on the drive the cd is in, if it is not finalised you will given the option to.

  Ankermi31 17:19 25 Jun 07

Trying to download some digital photos to replay on tv.

TV manual tells us to select ISO9660 as the disc format and to record at 640 x 480 pixel resolution.

We use Windows XP and Roxio Easy Media Creator 7.

Can you tell me how to do the above please?

  Bagsey 18:22 25 Jun 07

I have used PHOTO STORY 3 for Windows (Free)to good effect for this job. If you make only CDs then there is nothing else to buy. However if you wish to make DVDs then you will need to buy the add on.Costs about £12.00
Using this program allows a lot of refinements to your slide show. Background music, Titles, transitions etc.Cant find the web site at the moment but I found it using google very easily.

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