View DVD'S from my laptop to my T.V

  steviekill 11:32 27 Feb 03

Can anyone help me - I would like to know exactly how to connect my laptop up to my big t.v in order to view DVD's on the big screen.

I have an S-Video out connection on my laptop and a S-Video and Scart on my T.V. I also have a S-Video to S-Video cable to connect the two, is this the right cable ???

How do I get windows to recognise the T.V ? I have looked in the monitor settings and cannot find anything. Please any advice at this stage would be useful.

I am on WINXP PRO.


  hugh-265156 13:31 27 Feb 03
  ?dstow 13:40 27 Feb 03

Whatever you come up with as an answer, if it costs any money remember that you can buy quite acceptable dedicated DVD players for about £80 - 100.


  hugh-265156 13:51 27 Feb 03

i agree you cant beat a stand alone noise from pc can be annoying too.

  steviekill 13:58 27 Feb 03

Thanks for the advice but I still want to use my Laptop as the DVD player.

I have a Dell Inspiron 8100 with a NVIDIA GeForce 2 Go Graphics card and a S-VIDEO out socket.

I also have an S-VIDEO to S-VIDEO cable that can connect from my Laptop to my T.V. Is this all I need ?

And where exactly do I tell windows to pick up my T.V. I cannot find how to do this in Monitor settings. Please, please advise ???

  hugh-265156 14:09 27 Feb 03

a standard s video lead will probally not do.have a look at the s vid.on the card how many "holes" does it have?adapter leads are normally required and are cheap.

  steviekill 14:13 27 Feb 03

It has 7 holes. What is the specific name for this adapter and what does it look like ?

where do I get it from and most importantly how do I get windows to pick up my T.V. what setti ngs do i look for and where ?

All comments welcome. Thankyou

  hugh-265156 14:27 27 Feb 03

ok,you should be able to buy from any good pc store and should not have to pay more than a fiver.will check and get back to card came supplied with this lead.the most common is seven pin s vid to composite(standard yellow phono type plug)your tv will have this under the flap at front or may have red and white phonos beside this for audio.standard svid 4 pin does not carry audio this is why a card has seven pins it will output sound.i connect my s vid/composite lead to a composite to scart and run this to the tv.check in control panel/display/advanced and see if there is tv out settings.

  steviekill 15:02 27 Feb 03

This is extremely useful huggyg71 thankyou.

I am certaily getting closer now as I have found where windows detects displays in display\settings\advanced\TWINVIEW\detect displays

I think I have this cable you mention it has a four pin connection on the left a yellow phono type to in the middle and a four pin s-video on the right.

What I am interested in is what plugs into what ?

What about this S VIDEO/Composite lead to scart ? shall i buy one

  hugh-265156 15:05 27 Feb 03

am sorry for taking so long to get back to you but havnt had much luck im afraid.found this link with info here see why have i got a seven pin connection ant bottom of page.

  hugh-265156 15:09 27 Feb 03

sorry the link doesnt work.on that page at the top do a product search for cables then see "connect my pc to tv" on right side of that the bottom you will find the seven pin link.if i find out more will get back to ya.

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