view bios update file

  karmgord 20:58 07 Dec 05

Is there anyway of viewing what a bios update file says in "normal english type"? when i open the file in notepad all you see is computer symbol "gobledegook"

  Diodorus Siculus 21:02 07 Dec 05

I don't think that a bios update file does "normal english type" - it's computer code.

Do you want to find out what the update does? If so, the bios site should tell you.

  phono 21:18 07 Dec 05

Not sure but a Hex editor would probably let you view and text strings in the BIOS file.

  phono 22:34 07 Dec 05

"And text strings" should read "any text strings".

  DieSse 22:40 07 Dec 05

Why do you want to view it - it's just a program, and programs are not *english text*.

  phono 23:01 07 Dec 05

karmgord probably wants to get some clues as to any possible BIOS updates, any Text strings should be viewable, is that a proper word?

Any program that displays a message, of any description, must have it embedded as ASCII text somewhere.

having said that, he may not glean much information from a BIOS file.

  PaulB2005 06:59 08 Dec 05

You can get BIOS file viewers / editors but they are usually dedicated to one type of BIOS or GPU. Such as click here nVidia BIOS Modifier (v3.2)

  karmgord 19:46 08 Dec 05

i wanted to see if there is a list of supported cpu s

  Diodorus Siculus 20:14 08 Dec 05

You should get that from the BIOS manufacturer site.

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