Videos of PC building?

  Dicmay 16:51 28 Feb 03

Does anyone know where or if I can find some videos showing the construction of a PC? I'm about to start my first one and would feel a lot better if I had something to look at first.

I've got the few videos on the AMD site regarding cpu and heatsink installation. Are there anymore about?

Many thanks :)

  BrianW 19:21 28 Feb 03

click here may be of interest?

  Ijustneedanswersplease 19:33 28 Feb 03

Dunno if i should mention the name on this site but Computer Shopper produced a very good video disk called DIY pc builder which was given to subscribers but may be available to purchase. The tel no on mine is 01454 642503.
Have fun.....

  eccomputers 19:37 28 Feb 03

they would be long videos. Think of all the different motherboards, there are different fixings for fans and heatsinks too. There are all the different bios configurations for different systems. Then of course there's all the troubleshooting. If there was one standard with everything then I would imagine it would be a good idea.

  Ijustneedanswersplease 19:48 28 Feb 03

You must be kidding... I started with nothing but the above video and 'upgrading and repairing computers' (Johnson Stauffer). I agree you do need some basic knowledge, a lot of patience and some perseverance but well worth it just for the kick of seeing it running for the first time.
Wouldn't you agree.......
oh yes, and if no one had problems with computers we wouldn't be looking at this forum would we !!

  BBez 19:54 28 Feb 03
  BBez 19:55 28 Feb 03

click here direct link to videos

  TECHNODIMWIT 20:13 28 Feb 03

click here

shortvideos can de downloaded


  Dicmay 20:15 01 Mar 03

You are all blooming stars!!

Computer building here I come :)

Many thanks!!

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