Videos keep going to full screen and can't close

  fredyflame 23:01 14 Mar 06

Videos keep going to full screen when i press play and can't close down unless I turn off pc
This happens in all video programs
Running XP pro

  fredyflame 23:01 14 Mar 06

This is music videos in Mpeg format

  johnnyrocker 23:37 14 Mar 06

being played where and by what and viewed where?


  john-232317 06:50 15 Mar 06

Doesn`t the escape key send it back to normal size ?

  pj123 10:19 15 Mar 06

I use PowerDVD and JetAudio to play videos.

In PowerDVD if you move your mouse to the top of the screen you will get a Popup control panel.

In JetAudio right click anywhere on the screen and you will get a drop down menu.

Try both of these methods with whatever program you are using to play.

  fredyflame 20:29 15 Mar 06

all programs send the video straight to full screen and then it is realy hard to get out of it
as if there is a default within windows sending it full screen
sometimes esc key works usually I have to send pc to stand by mode using sleep key

  pj123 13:19 16 Mar 06

fredyflame, "all programs". Can you tell us what programs you have tried/used (by name) to view these videos?

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