Videos freezing.

  bazbulldog 15 Aug 12

I have been given an old(ish) computer which when i try to play videos such as you tube will run the video for 10 secs then freeze, if i move the video along using the progress bar at the bottom it will start up again and run for 10 secs and then freeze again,other than that the computer works fine. The computer has windows XP, an Athlon 2.8 processor 2 gig memory,an 80 gig hdd and a geforce mx440 graphics card which has updated drivers,it also has Power DVD installed and a virus scan revealed nothing,has anyone any idea what could be wrong? Any help would be appreciated. Cheers bazbulldog.

  difarn 15 Aug 12

Do you have the latest version of Flash Player? If you do try uninstalling it and reinstalling again. Have you tried deleting cache, cookies, history, temporary internet files? You don't say which browser you are using - does it happen on more than one browser?

You could also have a look at increasing the page file size - this article may be useful.

  bazbulldog 15 Aug 12

Thanks for the reply difarn,i have tried it on Internet Explorer and Opera and its the same on both, I have run C Cleaner which i beleive deletes those you mentioned and i do have the latest Adobe Flash Player but i will do as you suggest and delete and re-install it, will let you know if it works, probably tomorrow. Thanks again bazbulldog

  bazbulldog 16 Aug 12

tried what difarn suggested by deleting and then re-installing flash player but it did not work, also tried a new ethernet cable and filter but no luck with that either,if i cant find a cure i will just have to stop going on you tube until i can save up for a copy of windows 7,but thanks for your suggestions anyway. cheers bazbulldog


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