videoing in public places

  Smiler 16:18 02 May 04

Can anyone point me in the direction of information and law on videoing people in public places.

  SANTOS7 16:34 02 May 04

it may well come down to an invasion of privacy, and especially where children are concearned you could well be mistaken for videoing them for all the wrong reasons where in fact what you are doing is perfectly harmless.
If you were videoing a sporting event and again where kids are involved it would be polite to ask permition from organisors or parents
click here this may help

  johnnyrocker 16:34 02 May 04

click here and see if it helps


  Smiler 17:06 02 May 04

Thanks for the link very interesting.
johnnyrocker your link doesn't work can you check it out please Reagards

  Diodorus Siculus 17:19 02 May 04

click here

click here

Video Recordings Act 1993 (c. 24)

  johnnyrocker 17:23 02 May 04

sorry about that try
click here


  johnnyrocker 17:25 02 May 04

trying again.

click here


  johnnyrocker 17:26 02 May 04

the solution is to copy paste the link into browser and you will get wher i wanted you to, unless you have already got it by now.


  pj123 17:29 02 May 04

Technically, there is no law to stop you photographing/videoing anyone/anything in a public place from a public place. But in this age of paedophilia I now find it difficult to even talk to my niece (14 years old) in a public space without fear of someone reporting me. When she was 8 or 9 she used to run to me and jump up and give me a big hug. I can't do that now. Sad, but that is the way it is.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:57 02 May 04

You may photograph or video any public place however shots of Post Office, military camps, banks etc., will be guaranteed to get the apes in suits round to your gaff double quick.


  Smiler 18:19 02 May 04

Thanks everyone who responded. Got there eventually johnnyrocker.

As you say pj123 it's very disconcerting that you cant even hug your own niece without being suspected of being a paedophile.

Thanks again and be careful all you video enthusiasts as it's a minefield & not as straightforward as you think.

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