Video/Audio synch

  sil_ver 20:57 08 Jul 08

I've downloaded an AVI file and it plays back perfectly on my PC. When I copy it to DVD and play it back the audio sometimes has a tendency to gradually lose synch with video. Any suggestions to cure the problem appreciated.I use NERO to recode and burn.

  Ditch999 21:47 08 Jul 08

Try dropping the settings in Nero and use the second pass option.

  sil_ver 22:02 08 Jul 08

What settings? you're talking to a relative novice here

  Ditch999 22:18 08 Jul 08

When you play the DVD after burning it, what do you play it in and if its a PC what software do you use?

  sil_ver 23:06 08 Jul 08

Usually play DVDs in a DVD player or use VLC if on the PC.

  Ditch999 11:24 09 Jul 08

Do you get the same effect if you play the DVD on the PC and the DVD player?
If so it is the encoding programme.
If not then it is the player.
Are you actually recoding the video to a DVD format or just burning the avi file to DVD?

  sil_ver 13:40 09 Jul 08

I'm pretty sure it's an encoding problem as I only get the problem after I burn it to either DVD or file. I have been using Nero Vision to create the DVD-Video. I tried altering the encode to 2 pass but it had no visible effect. At the moment I'm trying the same process using ConvertXtoDVD

  Ditch999 14:14 09 Jul 08

In Nero Vision after you select the avi files click on "More" then "Video Options". Make sure video is set to your correct region, PAL if UK, smart encoding is at Automatic, and in the DVD-Video tab make sure Audio Format is at Automatic.
Transcoding quality can be left at Automatic or try it at Standard Play with Encoding Mode at Fast.

  sil_ver 15:16 09 Jul 08

Well, I've just used ConvertXtoDVD to burn a DVD and there were no synch problems so I guess the problem must be with Nero. The settings are as you suggest except for being set to long-play so I can get a couple more files on (It's a series)

  sil_ver 22:40 10 Jul 08

Think I've solved the problem. I re-installed Nero and all is now ok. Thanks for your input.

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