video trouble

  ninky4 09:45 25 Aug 03

Can anyone please help. We have put in a firewire and connected Ok to camcorder and the film comes through but is not very good definition and when enlarged to full screen goes out of focus and all fuzzy. Thanks

  prilect 11:19 25 Aug 03

Hi Ninky4, What software are you using?. Some editing software gives a low res picture so that the CPU can use most of its power for the editing process to enable 25 frames per sec etc, for the final video
Video also requires powerful CPU & plenty of Ram.

  ninky4 11:57 25 Aug 03

I am using Windows movie maker in XP, have also got Ulead video studio 5 and it is the same on there thanks prilect for your help

  ninky4 11:59 25 Aug 03

forgot have 256 mb ram and 1.8 Athlon processor

  prilect 12:36 25 Aug 03

Hi Ninky4, I use Ulead video studio 6 with Athlon 2600 & 256Mb DDR ram Win XP with no problem.
The preview screen quality is not good as its states in the instructions. Is it the same when you use High Quality playback as Instant preview?. Have you saved to DVD or CDR as when it is renderd it should be much better.
Make sure the HDD has been defragmented, & no other programmes running in the background.
Are you selecting the correct video format etc, for DV video.

  ninky4 13:18 25 Aug 03

Thanks prilect for your help, have done all you suggested but the pricture is still lousy so have sent an email to Nisis, will see what they have to say Thanks again

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