Video Problem Still

  James-286079 15:57 28 Jan 04

I have a problem with video on my computer.
I have Windows XP Professional with a NEW GeForce 4 based graphics card.

- I have reinstalled Windows
- I have replaced the graphics card
- I have the latest drivers and DirectX

I cannot run games and 3D video stuff. When I try to run DirectX Diagnostics Direct3D test, it says "You Cancelled The Test By Pressing A Key" when I have not touched a button.

Any suggestions anyone? Or shall I see a psychiatrist (sorry about the spelling!) 'cos it's driving me mad!!!

  Chegs ® 16:14 28 Jan 04
  James-286079 11:33 01 Feb 04

I have tried the instructions on that page but to no avail. When trying to install/uninstall NetMeeting, it comes up with Installation Failed.

Any other ideas anybody?

  James-286079 22:14 13 Feb 04

I contacted Microsoft and they came back with a very quick answer - just 1 day!!

Problem was multimedia keyboard driver.

I seriously recommend using online support.

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