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  Hiten_Hirani 11:12 19 Jun 06

Hi, my manager has suggested that we get a very competant PC to edit our video productions with.

I would really like some advice on the spec that this computer should have. It will predominantly be used for processing long periods of video footage and may be running multiple video editing software packages at the same time. I am not too sure on issues such as RAM, graphics cards, processor speeds, Motherboards, firewire ports etc so I would really appreciate it if someone could provide me with some advice or a specification on what a typical multimedia computer would consist of to enable us to make an informed decision on what type of PC to purchase.

First and foremost i have been speaking to my IT department and they have advised to get the AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual-core processor. So if your suggestions concerning all the other hardware revolve around this processor, that would be really really helpful.

Many thanks

  Hiten_Hirani 13:56 19 Jun 06

any help no matter how small would be great...

  De Marcus™ 13:57 19 Jun 06


  fitshase 14:00 19 Jun 06

Basically you need to get the best graphics card with dedicated on-board memory (not shared from the computer's RAM).

In addition, get the most RAM possible (at least 1GB). Furthermore, the largest hard drives as video editing can take 1GB per minute of recording (more on high definition).

Firewire and USB2.0 connections are a must as this will cover most (if not all) hardware connections.

Other than that, a DVD burner if you are planning to output onto DVD.



  Hiten_Hirani 14:01 19 Jun 06

i think my manager is willing to spend anything as long as it will get the job done..

  De Marcus™ 14:07 19 Jun 06

Does it have to be a PC? Or would you consider a Mac?

  Hiten_Hirani 14:14 19 Jun 06

has to be a PC

  Hiten_Hirani 16:29 19 Jun 06

ive just heared that a 'dual zion' is what i need? would this be of any use to me?

  woodchip 16:37 19 Jun 06

You need at least 2gb of Ram to do what you want. As it's not just one computer doing the editing by what and how I read your post

  woodchip 16:37 19 Jun 06

And a fast Hard Drive Sata or EIDE 10,000 rpm

  woodchip 16:39 19 Jun 06

Also forgot to add A Very big Hard Drive in NTFS format so it can store files over 4gb per file

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