Video Editing computer...which?

  gatepost 16:23 23 Feb 06

I am trying to decide which one of the following units will be best for video editing.
Any advice will be gratefully received.


HP W5251uk AMD 64 3800+ 1G ram - 200GB (£695)
HP T3245 - AMD 64 3700+ - 1G ram -250GB (£605)
HP M7350 - Pent dualcpu -1G ram - 300GB (£790)

HP M7350 - Pent dualcpu -1G ram - 300GB (£790)

BUT without the rest of the specs and what type of video you are going to edit, it is only a guess.

  Genius1 17:23 23 Feb 06

Video editing takes up enormous amounts of hard drive space, so based on this alone I would agree with tommo2000 and go for the 300GB option.

  User-312386 17:28 23 Feb 06

Buy the AMD643700 and fit another 300GB for £83.33 Inc VAT click here

  Genius1 17:30 23 Feb 06

That's a good idea madboy33.

  gatepost 18:20 23 Feb 06

..apologies for the lack of further info...I will be downloading dv from my Panasonic (dv in/out)
Graphics cards are:
Nvidia GeForce 6200SE Turbocache 256mb (for each AMD)

Don't know the HP card details..just 256mb

Do you need any furrther info?

  lixdexik 20:18 23 Feb 06

That 2gig of ram would also make a huge difference to editing performance. I have been using Pinnacle studio 10+ with 1 gig of ram and it worked ok, I have just increased the ram to 2gig and it is flying along now.

Cheers Lixdexik.

I would still go for the Pentium, Add a second huge hard drive soley for video capturing.

Your master drive, I.e Software needs not to be so huge. But WITHOUT a doubt, capturing should be done to a totally seprate drive. If you are expecting to use Adobe Premiere, Audtion, Encore, they expect you to have one.

1 GB of RAM should be fine, for video editing you need processing power.

Graphics card is not important in so far as Video editing, although PCI express is ment to have an advantage because of bus speed and helps when playing back video.

If you are really tight on budget then perhaps the AMD route, but I wouldnt myself.

  De Marcus™ 22:12 23 Feb 06

I must admit, I'm agreeing with tommo here.

  gatepost 00:08 24 Feb 06

...its all becoming clearer now...when you say use a dedicated hdd for the video, would an external unit be ok, or does it have to be internal??
Would the Pentium dual cpu be more beneficial than the AMD?

  gatepost 11:48 24 Feb 06

...also I've seen mention that two monitors can be used when video and why are these needed...and how are they connected?

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