Video Editing

  reddwarfcrew 11:45 03 Aug 06


I have a sky+ box which I had upgraded with a 205gb hard drive. Unfortunately the drive has failed (checked using maxtor utils) and the drive is out of warranty.

I have the original 40gb hard drive which works fine but obviously doesn't have much storgage space.

Instead of buying a new bigger hard drive, I'm looking at getting a dvd recorder.

Is it possible to record from sky+ onto DVD and then put that into my PC and create my own DVD complation discs or is the format that it will record in not a format that you an extract onto PC.

I pretty much know it must be possible, but how straight forward is it really to do?


  ArrGee 12:17 03 Aug 06

Depends on what DVD recorder you buy. You should have one with an analogue input. Then a simple co-ax cable from one of the RF Out ports on Sky+ to the DVD recorder should do the trick.

  reddwarfcrew 12:19 03 Aug 06

I'm fine with capturing it onto the DVD recorder, its the editing on the PC that I'm not really sure of.


  De Marcus™ 12:27 03 Aug 06

Yes you can edit them on a pc, depending on the software you have and whether it can handle the DVD native format.

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