video content freezes

  LEGGGGY 22:19 24 Jul 09

hi,, when playing video through say windows media every so often it freezes for a second or so and then continues,, is there a software / settings update that i can do to correct this.. i run a fairly new laptop on aol wireless...

  woodchip 22:31 24 Jul 09

This is most likely your Bandwidth or speed of connection, if it Video on the Net that you are having problems.

  woodchip 22:33 24 Jul 09

PS check your download speed hear on your Laptop click here

  LEGGGGY 22:42 24 Jul 09

hi woodchip, just run test and results are : 3009kbps download and 359 kbps upload.. dont really know what that means in terms of streaming video !!!!!

  woodchip 22:49 24 Jul 09

Going on that You could be a bit hit and miss. Depends on Video Content and size of Picture sound etc. I get
6810kbps Download on a 8mb TalkTalk Line
720kbps Upload speed

So your download is half what I get, If its not fast enough the Picture plays faster than it is downloading, hence the stutter

  LEGGGGY 22:52 24 Jul 09

right.. im with aol. however it doesnt seem as good as it used to be and can really slow down at peak times so i want to go elsewhere but not sure who to go with.. i must admit ive not heard many good reviews about talk talk other than its cheap ! how have u found it ?

  woodchip 22:52 24 Jul 09

try pressing play again after you have watched it to see if it still does it, if not then its what I said above. If it still does it you will have got poor hardware like graphics card or cpu not up to the task. Graphics will not be upgradeable in a Laptop

  LEGGGGY 22:55 24 Jul 09

yes if you replay video it plays without freezing, although i must admit im not over impressed with laptop which is a duel core toshiba wished id stuck with dell.

  woodchip 22:59 24 Jul 09

Then its your ISP Speed

  LEGGGGY 23:00 24 Jul 09

ok,, how have u found talk talk ?

  woodchip 23:08 24 Jul 09

Best thing since Sliced Bread as the saying goes.

Save me a load of dosh good connection only had about two problems at the bigging. as I am 73 and two earing Aids the Indian help line is not good So if I had a Problem I would do as I did in the past. Go into CarphoneWarehouse, and let them sort it

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