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  JonnyTub 18:36 03 Feb 05

Hi all, i've just received 11 videos from a family member who's asked if i can record them to dvd, no probs i said, i use a standalone dvd recorder linked to my video player via s-video.

These tapes were recorded from an old hi-8 camera and the picture and audio quality (over a long period of time) has degraded considerably on some.

Does anyone know of or have any experience of video cleanup software, that they could recommend??

Thanks to all in respond...



  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:00 03 Feb 05

Video Editing :-
Zwei Stein click here

This one is free but don't Know if it will clean up your films.

  JonnyTub 19:05 03 Feb 05

cheers, will give it a try

  Technotiger 19:12 03 Feb 05

Hi, try this one too -

Sansoft LLC - The Dazzle Video Editor
All in all, for video editing, cleaning up those old video tapes, and producing your own movies, this is a great place to start.
click here


  SEASHANTY 21:08 03 Feb 05

Don't see how you are going to use a video editor on a standalone home dvd recorder. There isn't much you can do anyway on degraded video tapes. The best connection between your VCR and DBVD recorder would be via scart which gives RGB output (best quality) followed by S-Video and then composite video in reducing quality.

  Technotiger 21:12 03 Feb 05

Hi, doh - not thinkin' straight :-(

  JonnyTub 21:29 03 Feb 05

Err, where did you get that idea from?

Maybe i should have explained a little better, i plan on recording to the dvd recorder using dvd-rw, then transferring to pc for "clean-up", then recording to dvd+r (using MySonic) for better compatibility on said family's player.

Hmm, maybe i should have put that paragraph in my first posting :-(

As for the connection it will suffice as it's from video tapes it won't matter to much, anyhow i've found a plugin for adobe called viviclip, perfect!

Thanks for help



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