Video CD - Advice Please

  Tenacious Green 21:43 08 Nov 04

Created my very first Video CD today and all went quite well and the end result was OK although I will be venturing into editing next time.

My query is with the software - Imagemixer 1.7 from Pixela - I found it a little difficult to understand at times. Does anyone else use it or can anyone recommend any better software for the job?

  stalion 21:46 08 Nov 04

this one is free click here

  Tenacious Green 21:59 08 Nov 04


Perhaps I wasn't clear. What I mean is the software used for downloading Dv/Camcorder film and editing.

I use Roxio for burning and general copying and am more than happy with this product.

Sorry if I confused.

  TomJerry 22:57 08 Nov 04

Video CD wastes your time and video footage. Produce DVD instead.

A DVD burnner can be bought from £41 Toshiba Dual 8x R/RW IDE Burner click here

Blank DVD disks are almost the same prince as blank CDs biught in bulk.

  kjrider 23:00 08 Nov 04

VCDs are fine for what you need. DVDs can be used for better quality and bigger storage. Round my way DVD are stillmore pricey than CDs.

For cheap DVD recorder = Maplin are doing one for £29.99


  TomJerry 23:07 08 Nov 04
  TomJerry 23:17 08 Nov 04

if you have Roxio 7

  Bapou 23:21 08 Nov 04

If it's only the software you seek then for VCD/SVCD/DVD, Ulead Video Studio 8 or Pinnacle Studio 9 are good programs. Both will cost between £40 to £60 I think, depending where you buy.

Ulead VS 8, is a relatively easy program to use. Pinnacle may be superior but it can cause a headache or two from what I've read on some forums.

  Bapou 23:28 08 Nov 04

Ulead VS 8 - click here

Pinnacle Studio 9 - click here

  Tenacious Green 10:54 09 Nov 04

Some food for thought there. I have a dvd writer, But I find DVD'S still expensive at the moment and my DVD player plays VCD well.

Thanks again.

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