Video Card Upgrade to Geforce 6600 AGP 256Mb

  Nickelback1 20:39 24 Jun 06

My card is faulty & I'm upgrading to a new one tomorrow.
What's the best process to do this to ensure a 100% clean upgrade process & removal of all the old drivers etc

  Jackcoms 20:59 24 Jun 06

Uninstall video divers via Add/Remove Programs.

Remove old card.

Install new card.

Install new drivers (which will probably come on a CD with the card) or download the latest ones from Nvidia (to a pen drive for instance) BEFORE doing any of the above.

  Nickelback1 21:09 24 Jun 06

Thx, that's what I thought, but there are only 2 entries fo Nvidia, is that enough to remove all the old drivers etc & avoid any software clashes/ conflicts. The old card is:- NVIDIA GeForce2 GTS/GeForce2 Pro

  Nickelback1 11:28 25 Jun 06

Have installed new card but now have missing drivers for the device called SM Bus Controller?
Windows XP Pro or the Nvidia CD cannot find them either way.
What is the SM Bus Controller, who is the manufacturer & where can I get the correct driver ?

  SANTOS7 11:40 25 Jun 06

If you have a CD for your MOBO they are on there, if not go to manufacturers website...

  Nickelback1 13:30 25 Jun 06

Thx Santos7 & Jackcoms for your help.
Of course this triggered the dreaded Windows XP Pro re-activation all over again which I had to do over the phone!! Thx Microsoft

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