video card upgrade

  archie330 15:07 07 Apr 07

I wish to upgrade my video card.
My mobo is an Asrock K7S8X and it will support AGP 1.5v,8x/4x. CPU is AMD Athlon 1.3.and XP/OS.

My current card is an Nvidia MX4000, what DVI capable card compatible with my system would show an improvement.

I've checked the helproom archive but no relevant solutions.

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the 7600 would make a cast difference, but you need to check the wattage of your power supply unit, you need at least 400watt to be on the safe side

a vast difference even!

  archie330 16:16 07 Apr 07

Thanks for your prompt reply. Implied in your message is that the card you recommend needs its own power supply.
Can you recommend one that doesn't?

it doesnt need its own psu, you just have to check that thpsu on your pc will have enough oooomph to run it as it will need more power than your existing card

  archie330 18:23 07 Apr 07

Ok, my psu is 400 watts, so the 7600GS at around £60 would fit the bill?

yep 400 watt should be fine, should drop straight in no probs

  Armchair 19:42 07 Apr 07

I wouldn't spend any more than that. Your ancient Athlon is going to be a hindrance as far as gaming goes. I think a basic 256MB AGP 7600GS is a goood choice.

  archie330 21:23 07 Apr 07

Thanks guys for your help and advice.

  Armchair 21:43 09 Apr 07

Archie. Probably too late, but Overclockers have just put some AGP 7600GT cards in thier Clearance section. £68.15 delivered.

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A lot better than a 7600GS, but I'm not sure how much your old CPU could take advantage of this fact! Your 400w PSU should be up to the job of running it okay, anyway.

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