video card problem?

  eddie937 14:06 22 Jul 05

i have had counter strike source for sometime now. since i have re formatted my computer and updated all the drivers i cannot play it.
i have the latest geforce drivers i, i have updated windows xp but whenever i start up counter strike source it comes up with this error message: failed to set video mode-restting to defaults. game will now restart with the new video settings. i then press retry then i get this message: falling back to safe mode settings. failed to set video mode. this game has a minimum requirement of directx7.0 compatible hardware.
i have played this game before on my computer so why can't i now?
i look forward to your replies

  woodchip 14:09 22 Jul 05

Why not try the Drivers on the CD that you got with the card

  eddie937 14:34 22 Jul 05

tried that and still the same messages. any other ideas? thanks.

  woodchip 16:33 22 Jul 05

It's got to be how you loaded software after the reinstall some files will have been over written, But which! is any bodies guess.

  gudgulf 16:34 22 Jul 05

Did you reinstall the motherboard chipset drivers?.Your AGP acceleration wont function correctly if you didn't, so the game wont be able to initiate the settings it needs.

  woodchip 16:35 22 Jul 05

Try removing the Game and all trace in Regedit and leftovers in Win\Explorer by doing a search for the program, then use Regclean, reboot and reinstall game

  red dragon 16:36 22 Jul 05

Have you got the card settings set the same as before you wiped your drive?

Resolution etc?

  ACOLYTE 16:43 22 Jul 05

It sounds like either the card or the monitor cant handle the settings you chosen for the game to run in,have you tried choosing a different monitor resolution and refresh rate and lowering the graphics a tad and using 16 bit colour.Also and i haven't played this game but is there a set up option for the game,that examines your PC and finds the best set up for your PC.You could also try running the DirectX tests and see if they all pass.

  eddie937 20:34 22 Jul 05

i did a reinstall of the game. it now works. thanks for your time.

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