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Video card for camcorder input/editing

  cdb 21:02 15 Apr 04

I know next to nothing about this so, can anyone recommend a decent video card (or which ever card it is I need) that will allow me to input some camcorder footage to my pc so I can then edit it on my pc.

The camcorder is analogue, so I'll need a composite video input on the card, but I expect I'll get a digital camcorder for better quality in the future, so I guess I'd need firewire inputs as well.

PC is winXP, athalon 1800+

  MichelleC 22:16 15 Apr 04

The better quality and less hassle analogue 'capture' cards cost more, like Hauppage, AIW, Canopus. If you wait till you get dv camcord you can get one with 'passthrough' which auto converts analogue tapes to dv so you'll then just need the firewire.

  cdb 22:21 15 Apr 04

Analogue cards are better quality?
I thought digital was supposed to be better?

Are you saying the digital camcorder can convert my tapes? I take it that's quicker than a pc doing it?
I already have a firewire port on my sound card, which I could use if I unplug my scanner.

  dazzling (work) 22:39 15 Apr 04

i have a hauppauge win tv 250 pvr has tuner picks up terrestrial tv and sattelite plus it can capture from anything with a video s or composite output.results seem very good but its analogue and you will eventually need digital.darren

  TomJerry 22:50 15 Apr 04

A cheap card with great function and great user feedback for £45 (even come with ULead VideoStudio 7, a video editing software cost over £40 itself) click here. If you do not need Teletxt for TV, you can get cheap one for £29 click here.

I used WinFast card and they are great. Just find the first card can be bought for £41 in click here

  leco1938 20:52 17 Apr 04

I have a Fast(mfg) F60 capture card, boxed as new
with all software-hardly used.760x560 image @ 32 frames. going for £15 + postage contact john @

  Pamy 21:51 17 Apr 04

I do not think that MichelleC was saying that analogue cards are better than digital. I think he was saying that the better ones that he mentioned are very expensive, but if you wait untill you buy a digital camcorder you could buy one that has "pasthrough" that may convert your analogue tapes to dvd. You would have to enquire about this posability before you buy, but it is another option for you to cocider.


  TomJerry 16:21 18 Apr 04

I used Leadtek winfast card, the quality is very very good, better than DV passthrough anyway.

  pj123 18:14 18 Apr 04
  cdb 18:38 18 Apr 04

I ended up buying a pinnacle studio 9 thing. It does the job and has firewire in/out for my future upgrade.
Just seen your post pj123, I hope my graphics card doesn't have a svhs connection. ;)

  cdb 18:39 18 Apr 04


Thanks for all your help and suggestions. :)

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