video capture on xbox to pc

  Mr Tibbs 19:28 15 Mar 11

Hello, my son wants to record HD quality video on his xbox then transfere them to the computer so that he can edit them and make montages out of them. I have a reasonable spec computer but I'm not sure if it's a hardware device he needs or some powerful software to do the job properly. He talks about a box that you can plug into the xbox then transfere the video to the computer. Any ideas please as it is something I know little about. Thanks.

  Grandad D 19:43 15 Mar 11

Hi, my grandson wanted to do this a couple of weeks ago. We bought a Pinnacle Dazzle DVD recorder, a couple of splitters and a cable off e-bay for under £40. It was a little complicated to get it all working but he is very happy with this setup. He edits using Microsoft movie maker. Hope this helps.Dennis.

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