Video Capture from DVD

  mike1967 17:57 09 May 07

Anyone know what software to use to capture stills from DVD. I'm sure I've done it before but can't remember how

Thanks in advance

  Ex plorer 18:17 09 May 07

Hi I did a google and found click here

  mike1967 18:26 09 May 07

Don't think I'll bother with that bad report from Mcafee site advisor

  woodchip 18:35 09 May 07

This is what I use for all analog capture

click here

  woodchip 18:37 09 May 07

You just press a button on the device to capture still

  philharris433 18:50 09 May 07

Will this device work for hi8 camcorders to capture and put onto dvd?

  woodchip 18:57 09 May 07

Yes I used it with daughters Analog Camcorder

  Roadgiant 20:33 09 May 07

Unless I am missreading(apologizes if that is the case) the thread title and the query are two different things.

"Video Capture from DVD" is the heading but in the question you ask "capture stills from DVD".

As far as I know most software Dvd players (I use Intervideo and my son has Asus DVd player on his PC) usually have a built in control for capturing frames.

Hope this info is useful to you.

  mike1967 16:29 10 May 07

Yeah think I have confused everyone, what I'm looking to do is capture still from a DVD

Any ideas

  zarobian 17:01 10 May 07

I have Real Magic Holloywood plus hardware decoder installed. It is doing the job exactly as you want. Mind you some commercial DVDs will not allow you to capture stills from them.

  anchor 17:10 10 May 07

WinDVD came with my PC, and plays my DVD`s.

Capturing still images is very easy, and you can then save it, (them), as a bmp.

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